Checking the quality of food products is hard, as food varies in size, shape, colour and other product attributes. Therefore, automating the control process via a computer vision system is almost impossible.  Sensomind developed the solution, connecting state-of-the-art technology to artificial intelligence. Using Sensomind, food manufacturers can optimise their production processes and increase product quality.

The latter happens via artificial intelligence which figures out reasons to explain why some of the products might be of low quality. This information helps manufacturers to better understand their production lines and implement solutions to problems in the production that cause quality issues.

Sensomind is a cloud-based device, comprising a graphics processing unit and an industrial camera, that can be integrated with robots and control systems. Users collect images from their production lines and instruct the system to learn what to look for when assessing product quality. If Sensomind for instance detects a lower quality product, it sends a signal to a robot that picks the item off the conveyor belt.

The Danish startup identified a long list of European food manufacturers that can benefit from its solution with efficient operations that improve quality and reduce waste. The European FoodNexus Startup Challenge is a platform to get in contact with manufacturers and potential partners.