Access to clean water for drinking and hygiene purposes is a fundamental human need. It relates to Sustainable Development Goal 6 of the United Nations: clean water and sanitation. Achieving this, allows for other, vital SDG’s to be met. Hence the importance of the work of Boreal Light, which developed an affordable seawater desalinisation system, powered by solar energy. This realises access to clean water to off-grid communities in coastal areas.

The German startup simplified the most mature and known desalinisation technology (reversed osmosis), making it affordable and powered by solar energy. This simplification process is very complex and consumed most of the time, energy and resources of Boreal Light. In addition, the startup developed an inverter to power the motors and pumps needed via solar energy and without the need of an expensive battery bank.

This desalinisation system can deliver fresh water for drinking, hygiene or irrigation at the lowest possible cost – €0.55 per 1000 litres – to off-grid communities. Boral Light also sells fresh water derived from its own system to local people in East Africa at one-third of their current cost. The desalination system has easy handling and maintenance, including remote monitoring of all mechanical and electrical components.