What if feed suppliers and livestock farmers were able to accurately monitor the inventory of farmers’ silos remotely and in real-time? Using this information to automatically order and restock, based on cost optimisation criteria? This is what the Spanish startup INSYLO aims for, with impressive cost gains for farmers and suppliers.

Some years ago, INSYLO did a pilot project involving 150 silos. It showed the potential economic and environmental impact, if the feed supply chain would be redesigned and optimised. Existing monitoring technologies of load cells and level sensors are expensive, difficult to install and inaccurate. INSYLO’s connected feed supply chain platform based on smart volumetric sensors, is quite the opposite: cost efficient, easy to handle and accurate.

Each volumetric sensor is 3D with embedded computer vision algorithms that allow for accurately monitoring a silo at low cost (6.5 times cheaper than load cells). Level sensors are cheaper, but far more inaccurate. Thanks to its integrated solar panel and rural Internet connectivity, each smart volumetric sensor works independently from the resources available on-farm and can be easily installed.

INSYLO calculates annual gains for feed suppliers of €500 per silo given lower labour and transportation costs, while livestock farmers avoiding time consuming silo inspections save 22 working days per year.